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Old 01-05-2008, 09:24 PM
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Jim Wright Jim Wright is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Belfair, WA
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Default Introducing Myself

My Name is Jim Wright, I live in a very small town in Washington State (actually 7 - 1/2 miles outside of the town) called Belfair, it's near Bremerton on the Olympic Peninsula.

Several years ago, I had to retire from my business, I had a tool fabrication business and I made onesies and twosies of parts for engineers and inventors.

Occasionally I'd make a run of parts for everthing from Aircraft to Submarines and anything else you can think of.

Annyhoo, I had to retire. I still have all my equipment and tools and I still need something to do so I thought I'd persue something I've always been interested in - Engraving. Now, Ive been machine engraving for quite some time. I have a website, www.wrightedgemfg.com that shows some of the things I've machine engraved. I use a 3 Axis Bridgeport type knee mill with a CNC control. I do all the artwork and programming myself. But there is no comparison with Hand Engraving.

I am retired from the Military (6 years Marine Corps and 16 years Army) and I've spent 7+ years stationed in Germany where I'd spend my off time when I could, visiting museums with my wife and kids. I became interested in Firearms engraving at that time. My favorite Museums of that sort were the Meuseum in Herstal belgium, and the (I hope I spell this right) Jagdschloss Museum Kranistein, in Manneheim Germany.

I'm right now practicing drawing and layout, while attempting to accumulate the tools necessary to start cutting practice plates. As I am a retired Staff Sergeant, and 100% Service-Connected disabled, the money problem gets in the way. So, I'll take my time and get it done as I can. Til then, pencil and paper are cheap.

I am Married, 39 years (40 this May) to a most wonderful lady who puts up with me. We have 2 children, A Son age 38 and a Daughter Age 34. 4 Grandchildren ages 4 through 13.

I read (alot), fish when I can and spend time keeping the grounds of our property in shape. I make things in my shop and have a pretty good shop.

I have 2 3-Axis CNC Mills, 2 Manual Lathes (14 X 40, 13 X 40). A small surface grinder 10 X 14 and Mig and Tig welders. Horizontal band Saw and a Vertical saw that I can cut wood or metal on. A Die Filer, 48 X 6 inch Sander and a 2 X 48 inch sander, a drill press or two and other peripheral tools and machines as needed.

I've been a Machinist since I retired from the Military. I went back to school and now have an Accociates in Gunsmithing and another in Precision Machine Technology. I held a FFL from 1968 to 1997 when I decided I made more with machining than with gunsmithing so let it go. I taught Introduction to Machine Shop at a Local Vo-Tech College for three years (about).

I still make things in my shop (toys, hitch covers and etc) and am willing to help out anyone with projects they need help with in the Machining area or with advise as needed.

Well, that's me. Hope to hear from y'all.

Semper Fidelis,

Jim Wright
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Old 01-06-2008, 08:53 PM
mike koller mike koller is offline
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Default Re: Introducing Myself

What a resume...
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