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Old 11-08-2007, 03:05 PM
Big-Un Big-Un is offline
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Eden, NC
Posts: 624
Default From the "Land of Eden"

Name: William D Moody
Nickname: Bill; Big-Un
Where from: Born and raised in New Bern, North Carolina; moved to Lake Worth (adjacent to West Palm Beach), Florida when 11 years old
Age: 60
Pets: none now, too restrictive while travelling, had a Black Lab and a Cocker Spaniel mix
Family members: wife, Mary of 40 years; daughter Michelle and husband Todd, both in management for Nortel Networks; son Chad, a deputy with the Jacksonville Shreiffs Dept, wife Jennette and their son Hank
Fave music: Gospel; old time bluegrass; classic country
Fave movies: not too many, but mostly the action hero type, like Braveheart, Sgt York, High Noon, any movie with a theme where the right thing is done despite the consequences.
Book that changed my life: The Holy Bible
Other books worth reading: 1491
Greatest childhood memory: hunting with dad and Grandpa
Worst day of my life: There are two: the day my Dad went for a cross country trip in a private airplane and never returned, he was killed when the plane went down in a storm and it took three days to find him; I was 13 years old and suddenly became the "head of the house", per Dad's last statement to me; the second was when my Mom died of cancer April 28th of this year. Watching her suffer was too much to bear.
Fave color: Cobalt Blue
Occupation: retired Utilities Systems Operator (people need their lights on!) and Union Electrician
Military Service: USMCR 1965-71
Dream job: engraving and travelling restaurant taste tester!
Play any musical instruments: used to play the trumpet, but the lips "left" me, I do sing in the church choir and have sung with the praise team (bass)
interest or hobbies: Golf, hunting, painting and sketching, fishing, reading
Fave author: other than the Gospel writers, I have none
Best class ever took/why: It would have to be the engraving class because I finally, after almost twenty years, got some professional instruction in engraving. I had floundered for many years when no engraver actively (or inactively, for that matter) in the business would even talk to someone "trying to take my business away".
Best vacation place: My wife loves Las Vegas, I like anywhere you can spend quality time with the family.
Quote to live by: "...but the greatest commandment is this, that ye shall love your brother as yourself..."
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