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Old 05-30-2017, 11:03 AM
ONUZ11 ONUZ11 is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Location: Kingwood, Texas
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Default New to engraving. Coins and other metals

Hello all. I figured id go ahead and post on here to see some ones reaction. I am new to the engraving world and have played around a bit with my dremel and various bits. I spent the weekend making a homemade pneumatic hand engraver with success but now need some good gravers. Going to try to make some later tonight.
The pictures here are some of the coins i did a couple days ago. Now these were done with only the dremel. But i am enjoying my self. And i think that's all that really matters. If i can get any better i would like to turn this hobby into a second source of income since work is getting slow and have kiddos to feed. Thank you in advance for any feed back.

1st attempt at hobo coins with a dremel

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Old 06-06-2017, 01:16 PM
MoldyJim MoldyJim is offline
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Default Re: New to engraving. Coins and other metals

Nice layout, I think doing the work with a dremel is really holding you back.
With the right tools, you will rock it in no time.
I would get some blanks, Steve's universal fixture and a couple of different templates.
The universal template is a miracle at sharpening a nice tips consistently.
It will accelerate your skills in no time.

The online resources available today are incredible, make use of them to study everything you can.

One can do a lot of learning with a little investment, and some makeshift tools.
But good tools will pay for themselves in time. (get the template!)

I'm using a homemade tool right now myself, it's good and it does work well enough.
Not something that I would use forever, but it has already payed for itself and the things I've sold will help pay for better tools.
I've almost saved up enough funds for a Classic, can't wait.
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