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Old 11-03-2014, 11:36 AM
TheGunsmith TheGunsmith is offline
Join Date: Nov 2014
Location: Bedfordshire
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Default Evening all

Well a very good evening from a cold and wet Bedfirdshire.
Where do I start?
I have a full time job but have been gunsmithing and knife making on and off for over 30 years now.
I learnt my trade as a young lad working for Chris Reeve (a rather well known cutler) way back in the day when his workshop was nothing more than a double garage.
From Chris I discovered a passion for engineering and a desire to make beautifu things.
As the years went by I found myself flitting from one mindless role to the next but always coming back to smithing in the workshop.
I finally took the plunge and moved from sunny South Africa to the more tropical and reliable climbs of England. I often question my sanity!
Several months ago I was asked to rebuild an airsoft pistol for a friend of my fathers (almost 80 and used to shoot everyday until cancer decided that he wasn't allowed to have fun anymore)
The pistol turned out great and I found I was getting orders in faster than I could fill them.
I have always enjoyed pyrography and u thought the transition to engraving would be straight forward (did I mention that I often question my sanity?)
Well it's not, its a very different beast altogether and I am just learning.
I purchased a pneumatic engraver and set about destroying a number of my own pistols before I discovered that it just wasn't going to cut the mustard, or metal!
I have now ordered a set of jewelers gravers and am looking forward to having a go.
I am a long standing fan of forums. You guys have been there, done that and own the t shirt.
I fully intend on picking your brains and exploiting all of your hard work.
I hope you don't mind.

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Old 11-03-2014, 01:26 PM
SEngraver SEngraver is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: UK.
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Default Re: Evening all

Welcome to The Engraving Forum Guy.
Learn from those who know more than you do and teach those who know less than you do. - I.M.
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Old 12-17-2014, 06:11 AM
thematrixiam thematrixiam is offline
Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: Alberta
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Default Re: Evening all

Welcome... Did you ever manage to figure out a way to engrave those guns?
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