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Old 12-25-2011, 08:23 PM
S.Taylor S.Taylor is offline
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Default New to Engraving

My name is Stephen and I am a career firefighter in Texas. I have spent quite a few years in the leather working world, and I have a strong desire to lern this beautiful craft. I basically know nothing about metal engraving, so please forgive me if I ask some really elementary questions. My end goal is to focus on engraving guns and knives....if everything works out according to my learning abilities. Any advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Like I said, I know nothing yet of what I need to buy to get started practicing and reading.
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Old 12-26-2011, 03:45 AM
SEngraver SEngraver is offline
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Default Re: New to Engraving


Welcome to the Engraving Forum.
A good way to start is read up loads at the same time learning the basics of hand engraving.Maybe even purchase a couple books.

Books - http://www.airgraver.com/Hand_Engrav...rview.htm#BOOK

Reading up - http://www.engravingschool.com/

Then start out with the most basic hand tools when you have learnt the engraving to a reasonable level then you can go big.

This is my opinion only.

Any you wish to know just ask.

All the best

Learn from those who know more than you do and teach those who know less than you do. - I.M.
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Old 12-26-2011, 09:40 PM
Roger Bleile's Avatar
Roger Bleile Roger Bleile is offline
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Default Re: New to Engraving

Mr. Taylor,

You need to know at the outset that if you intend to engrave guns that are not your own you will need to have a federal firearms license.

That said, to learn about the tools, styles, and terminology of hand engraving click on the link below my signature to view the engraving glossary.

The best instructional manual for beginners was just published and is sold on this site. The title is Engraving Historic Firearms by John Schippers. Don't let the title throw you off. The instruction applies to anyone who wants to engrave firearms or knives. Here is the link:http://www.airgraver.com/Engraving-H...-Schippers.htm

C. Roger Bleile
Author of: American Engravers series of books. FEGA Historian and Founding Charter Member
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