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Default Re: AirGraver Networking

Rob, good to see you here. I follow but don't comment on Ganoksin. I started engraving in December. First by push engraving but quickly moved to a Lindsay Classic. Until I got a microscope, my GRS standard engraving vise sat on a GRS large block shelf mounted on a GRS Slide and Lock, all mounted to my bench. I used an Optivisor. Using this setup, I kept the engraving ball about chest height so I could see using a No. 10 Optivisor, but I was so hunched over in order to see that my back, neck, and arms hurt, often for days. To stop hunching over, I bought a microscope, a Leica A60. The microscope also helped to improve my engraving in ways I hadn't anticipated.

I tried to find a used floor drill press to put the vise on, but couldn't so it sits on a grinder stand, shortened quite a bit, with a turntable sitting on top. Not perfect, but functional for now. I engrave jewelry and don't anticipate engraving guns. I use an adjustable stool with a very short back for all my jewelry work. The height of my stand is set so my arms are at a comfortable 90 degree angle to the top of my vise, my back is upright, shoulders are relaxed, and head looking forward instead of down. I can engrave for hours now without pain.
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