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Default First thing ive ever engraved

So as the title reads this is the first thing i've ever engraved, i know it does not look good, but i enjoyed doing it and i have a lot to learn. i need to learn how to smooth the background out better so that the engraving looks cleaner i think. this was done on a newer Nickel, using a Homemade 90 degree graver from a 1/8 HSS Drill Blank. I am using a Homemade Airgraver at the moment saving up to buy a PC setup with Templates. Its a bit embarrassing posting this Picture of my first engraving as i see so many talented people on here, but hey i'm learning and will take all the advise i can get. also i started sketching something i wanted to do on my Minimalist wallet at some point when i get comfortable enough to go for it. curious to see what you guys think.


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