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Default Re: John Rohner is 95

Happy Birthday John!

John encourage me when I was in high school. My father took up engraving when I was young. Dad and I learned it together basically by trial and error. I remember him setting next to me in his shop sharpening gravers just as fast as I could break them off. Dad is a watchmaker and jeweler. In the 70s he became friends with Lynton McKenzie, John Rohner and James Meek. I was in high school when my parents and I drove to see John and his son Hans at their home in Boulder. That afternoon John signed and gave me this book. Both John and James Meek recommended I attend a tech college to take machine tool&die courses. I did start the classes later in the Fall of the same year,1977. After college I worked in the tool room of Dunton Lansen (Nebraska company famous for their oil cans and wenches) and after hours I used their machine tools to make vises and handpieces for the engraving machine that Dad had invented using a circuit he made using a 555 timer and solenoid valve. I only worked in the factory for maybe 10 months before I quit to take up engraving full time. At that time Lynton introduced and recommend me to some his knife collector and maker friends, and that is where my first paying jobs came from.
Thank you John for your encouragement back then to me and I'm sure many others.

Steve Lindsay
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