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Default Re: Lasercopy transfer

For your reference I am using the Brother HL-2230 laser printer with regular acetone nail polish remover and it is working great. The method I have to use with it is to wrap the paper over the metal and then soak it with acetone. I then VERY gently pull at an edge of the paper and it sucks the paper down tight to the metal. With a brush dipped in acetone I brush out any remaining bubbles and with the paper still really wet with acetone I lay another flat piece of metal over it. After about 10 minutes I check to see if the paper is MOSTLY dry but not completely. It should have a very slight damp feeling to it. I then run water over it while gently rubbing the paper. The paper quickly dissolves and leaves a perfect transfer.

Make sure the printer isn't set to "toner save mode" and print your lines rather thick.
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