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Default Re: Sharpening the lindsay Point on a faceting machine

I would fix whatever isn't working properly with your pin vise. Accuracy is needed if you are going to be able to repeat the angles that you will learn to use.

Think about getting one of Steve's grinding systems and use the faceting machine to grind away the larger amounts of material needed, for now.

After you do that, then go over to Steve's fixture and finish the grind.

After you get an understanding the basics of how to grind your gravers, you can fix and use the faceting machine.

In short, start with something that you know will give you the correct angles for your gravers, then you will know what needs fixing on the faceting machine.

Check out some of the older posts on this forum, you will get a lot of good information that you will need from them.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them...that's what the forum is for.

Tim C
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