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Default Re: Sharpening the lindsay Point on a faceting machine

HI Neil,

Thanks I hope this helps.

I will be getting to writing more on this subject soon.

There have been many other suggestions on Modified Linsday points that have come up in the recent weeks. (Flat Modification, stronger point modifications). Very nice stuff. All can be done on the faceting machine with a little time.

The biggest thing is to set the pin vise that is chucked with a graver blank on a 96 index plate to 0(96) this is where the point is as a starting point.

I took a machine parallel (1/4 inch thick) on the lap and kept the chuck/graver loose in the mast head and set the mast at 0 rise and the index at 24 (45 degrees) to set 0.

Tightend up the mast screw to set the chuck and the graver and went back to 96 (my 0 for 3/32 graver in the mast related to the parallel on the lap.(ceramic is flat...)

You could also use a corian lap (Much cheaper than ceramic and more durable than CD plastic on a master lap) for diamond paste, or diamond spray or diamond powder/olive oil mix).. These are all used in faceting stones. including the corian..

Glad someone is still reading this older thread..

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