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Default Chasing Hammer

Handles for to go with the chasing hammer heads I added to the shop site.
They are toward the bottom of the manual engraving tools page:

I will try to copy and paste here

Chasing Hammer
(head and handle sold assembled, and sold separately)
Head = 38 Grams, 1-7/16" long
Click photos to enlarge

This chasing hammer head and handle are artfully designed. Hammer heads and handles are sold assembled, as well as separately. The heads are made from 4140 chrome-moly and hardened to 30 Rockwell C. 4140 at 30RC can be engraved, but it is pretty tough stuff. The handle is balanced for chasing work and is designed to flex slightly during use. When the handles were made from wood this thin, the amount of flex was unpredictable from one to another. There was also the risk of breakage. These handles made from composite provide a cross between predicable minimal flex as well as strength for years of use. Head = 38 Grams, 1" dia. x 1-7/16" long

Note: The head can be hardened from 30RC to 50RC if desired. $20 additional. There is a separate "add to cart" button for the 50RC option. 50RC is too hard to engrave, so if you plan to possibly engrave it choose 30RC. 30RC is about half hard.
Hammer Head Only-30RC $52.50 each

Handle only $15.00

Assembled Head & Handle - 30RC $67.50

Assembled Head & Handle - 50RC $87.50

Steve Lindsay
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