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I have lurked on Steve's forum for nearly 10 years now and lusted over his tools all the while. I tinkered very, very briefly with a Gravermeister I purchased with an engraving lot in 07, but it just didn't inspire me much. Ended up selling all of the tools and equipment shortly thereafter to prepare for my wife's return to Graduate studies.

Since then I have tinkered with Hobo Nickels and bone carvings while using a Dremel and a variety of burs, almost exclusively. The work I have been doing has reached somewhat of a lull and I am looking at "leveling up" as a Artist I follow claims. I'd like to invest in a Palm Control and a variety of different templates, but having no real engraving experience, I am not certain what templates/geometries would be best suited for me.

I really appreciate the work that Tom Sterling does and envision myself doing similar styled of work. Phil Coggan's deep sculptured scroll is also very appealing as is the bulino of many. SO...I suspect in the end I may dabble in a variety of genres so to speak. I have some artisanal talent, but frankly I go to consider an order and kind of fall face first at the choices.

Fairly certain that this summer will find me ordering a starter setup and I will get to work carving some nickels and some practice plates. Most of which are fairly soft materials so I am curious as to what graver material would be most suitable? Would HSS do the trick for a beginner? Would it be possible to pin down a most common graver geometry for line work and where would one move from there?

Feel a bit daft as the more I read the more confused I get so I thought a question and introduction was in order. I will also post a few photos of work I have done over the years as well. Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, and greetings!

Lee Kinder
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