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Default Re: Compressor Noise Levels

Here's a review I posted on Amazon back in 2018. I think the 1060S will be an improvement over what you have now. Although I was disappointed with the noise level, it has a "dull" sound which makes it less offensive. If it wasn't described as ultra-quiet, I may have been more accepting of its noise level.

"I purchased the California Air Tools 2010A to replace a SilentAire SuperSilent 20A compressor. The 20A is a very nice, quiet compressor, but I was concerned about introducing oil into the air hose even though it has a couple of in-line filters. The noise level of the 2010A surprised me, i.e., it is much louder than I expected. Aside from the noise level, I'm satisfied with it. Anyway, I subsequently purchased a California Air Tools 1P1060S to see if it met my noise level expectations. Although, it is quieter than the 2010A, I still consider it too noisy.
I took some measurements using a sound meter app on my cell phone. Measurements were taken with the phone three feet away from the compressor. I think California Air Tools takes measurements at a greater distance, but I don't know what distance they use.
- 20A spec is 30 dB. I measured 33 dB
- 1P1060S spec is 56 dB. I measured 61 dB
- 2010A spec is 60 dB. I measured 70 dB
- Sears Craftsman 1.5 hp measured 71 dB"

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