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Default New to the forum / New to Engraving / Based in Southern California

Hello all.

My name is Nick. I am a lapidary and metalsmith based in Los Angeles. Iím completely new to Engraving and Iím really looking forward to exploring the wealth of knowledge in this forum! I dove into this adventure head first! I was left an engraved rifle by my great grandfather and when i found out those cuts were made by hand, it totally blew me away.. still does. Needless to say, it left a lasting impression on me. That was at least 20yrs ago and Iíve circled back! Last week i received my palm control and sharpening templates!!!!! Iíve got a whole lot to learn but Iíve already made some scratches in some metal and I couldnít be more pleased/ addicted!

Thanks in advance for sharing so much knowledge in one space. I look forward to getting to know you guys/gals!

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