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Default Re: Long Time Lurker...

Hi Lee,

I’d start off with sharpening templates for the Lindsay Universal (116 degree) and Detailing (96 degree) V gravers, and a flat. Add in different shapes as you gain experience and find a need.

Don’t forget a power hone...yes, you can just use stones but the power hone will save you loads of time.

Save up a few small worn out or broken burs to make sculpting punches from.

From the excellent skill and detail in your work, I’m assuming you have a microscope? Add a turntable to that.

Engraver’s vise?

Other than a 1/8 inch diameter carbide rod for a stippler, I’d stick to HSS gravers to start with. Practice on mild steel, and be certain to make lots of long cuts. With my students who like to cut Hobo nickels, I find they don’t get enough long-cut practice to develop good depth and width graver control. Cutting small, soft coins alone lets you get by with bad habits.

Move up to M-42 and Carbalt/carbide as you find the need.

Steve has lots of other great toys to add as you find needs for them. Remember, he who dies with the most toys, wins!

Best of luck!

Tom Sterling
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