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Default Bob´s luck returns

“Al. Have you seen Bob?” “Yes, I have, and I want to tell you the damndest story.
Bob came in here four days ago all excited about finding a dollar bill on the sidewalk out front. His eyes were full of tears and he was yelling over and over “My luck is back. I know it´s back change this bill and give me coins for the slot machine over there,”
“I did as he asked. He went to drop it in the number seven machine. Joe you know that machine has not ever paid out in years.
“Don’t do it Bob” I hollered from the bar.
He turned around and said in a voice full of confidence, “Al, if I hit the jackpot you can call me Lucky Bob. If I lose, my shadow will never darken your door again.”
“He dropped the coins into the slot and pulled the handle. Well, that machines odds of hitting the jackpot are seven hundred fifty to one.
Bob never even looked at the wheels as they spun around. He stood there with his arms folded just waiting .I damned near fainted when the bells and light began to flash. He had hit the jackpot for five hundred dollars. When I gave him the cash he broke down in tears and said, “Al, I am on a roll, from now on when you see me, please call me Lucky Bob.”
“Then he left and I have not seen him since. Now tell me was it interesting playing in Europe?”
Al´s question opened the door to the story of Moss. I guess we must have talked about it for an hour or so. Then Al´ s bar business began to pick up. ”Joe, you never know the evil that lurks in the minds of mad men do you?
It looks like the time for me get working and water the thirsty herd. Oh, before you give that girl those earrings, pick up a thank you card and write something personal on it. That might help you and don’t thank me, it is all part of my service, Pal”

Taking my leave, I headed for the Horse Shoe Casino to see the girl with the beautiful smile and find out her last name. The walk and conversation with Al had cleared my mind; my normal self confidence had returned. I was also relieved to know Lucky Bob was still in town, alive, kicking and still betting on his self. As a matter of fact I had not felt this good in a long time.
My normal poker routine is to sit down at a table in The Horse Shoe Casino around nine in the morning, looking to find the tired players who are stuck deep in a losing streak and had spent the entire night trying to get back their money. I play against them for three or four hours, then no matter if I won or lost money, cash out.
After lunch, I spend time in my penthouse working on my oil paintings or writing in the log book, where I make notations on other player’s styles and tells. I keep a meticulous record of my wins, losses, and hours spent at every game I play, then I take a nap and play from eight to twelve or one A.M
This December, I will be forty, and I am lonely, maybe I am going through the mid-life crises, or perhaps going insane. I am bored to death playing poker, I need to find that person missing to make my life complete. A good, honest woman that I can take to a museum, lunch, movie, the park and one day settle down. Maybe raises a family. I am envious of my engraver friend and the life he now leads with his wife and their newest son.
I know that I am going to have to find something besides mowing a lawn to keep me interested and occupied. Or I will end up sitting in Al´s bar drinking my life away.
I decided to see if the girl with the friendly smile was at the cashier’s cage.
Using the pretext of withdrawing money from my account, I entered The Horse Shoe Casino, made my way past all the lonely people drinking free booze and mindlessly playing the slots. I went up the stairs to the poker room, where I was immediately welcomed by Bill Hancock the floor man.
”Joda Fish you haven’t been in for a couple of weeks, I got a seat open at the 10/20 pot limit game,
You buy in for a thousand and play for two hours the house will comp you an extra two hundred in chips.”
This is not an uncommon deal for regulars, when the house wants to keep a game in action and there are less than six players at the table. After all the house rake of three percent quickly adds up when the pots average more than a thousand dollars.
I shake Bill´s hand and decline the offer as I look at the cashier´s cage, and see she is not there.
I ask Bill, “Do you know the brunette with dark brown eyes who works the cage?”
“You must mean Gina, sure I know her, sweet gal, she started here five months ago, her dad is Gino Giovanelli, the pit boss at the dice tables, and he has been here forever.
If you are thinking of putting the make on her you are out of luck. A dozen guys have already tried and struck out. I understand she is involved with a boxer named Jack and he is living with her.”
I now know her name and that she is not married, it is a start, I am not afraid to compete when I want to win.
“It is a faint heart that never wins the fair maiden”
"What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life by him who interests his heart in everything"-Lawrence Sterne
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