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Question Anyone in the Toledo or surrounding areas?

Hello Forum members. I am asking here for some recommendations. I have done minor hand engraving on my jewelry projects for a few years and my hand strength is not good, so I have been very limited on what I can do. I am a jewelry artist and would very much like to "draw" in metal, (mostly Sterling and gold). I am pretty sure what I want to do is very different from embellishing with scroll work, etc. I really like the idea of the Palm Control graver, as I do a ton of drawing and I think the palm control would be the best to learn if I am going to learn a machine. I am considering going with the regulator set up that would work with the portable compressed air tanks, as I don't really need a larger machine. (At least I don't think so)
One of my problems is that I am having a hard time understanding from the online catalog what I need to purchase to get my set up going (I already own several hand gravers in different shapes and sizes, sharpening stones, jigs and the micro finishing paper for sharpening).
I would like very much to see the various power engraving tools in action before I commit to spending so much money, and perhaps try it out as well.
Is there anyone around Toledo, Ohio who has any of the Lindsey graver products? Thanks so much.
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