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Default Class - Engraving Institute: - Basic Metal Engraving with Hammer & Chisel

Mike Fennell will be instructing a five day engraving class in Omaha through the Metropolitan community College. It is a basic class to help get people started using the inexpensive method of hammer/chisel. It is planned to have a Classic AirGraver there too.
Here is a link to info, fee, location and sessions:

Discover how to engrave the traditional way, as craftsmen have done for centuries, with a hammer, chisel and push-gravers. The instructor is Michael J. Fennell, BA, JD of Mike Fennell Fine Hand Engraving, Engravers Guild of America, Vice President Blue.
  • Explore the proper way to hold and use the equipment as well as learn to make and sharpen your gravers.
  • Gain an understanding of graver cutting-edge geometry and theory, while also learning to design and set up your own workspace.
  • Draw or transfer your artwork to steel plates, mount the plates in a vise and cut them with the tools you have prepared.
  • Explore how to control the depth and width of the lines you cut.
  • Engrave borders, texture backgrounds, cut scrolls and even beautiful leaves, intricate flowers, letters and numbers.
  • Learn to properly shade elements.
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