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Default Re: Trying to re-start

Originally Posted by glennforeman View Post
I have not engraved in some time due to the prolonged last illness of my beloved wife, and the ensuing grieving process. To make matters worse, while we were away getting her medical treatment, most of my engraving equipment was stolen in a burglary. I am trying to get started engraving again. I primarily use hammer and chisel for my engraving. Attached photo is of a Freedom Arms Mini that I engraved for my wife. Thanks for adding me to this forum.
Hello Glenn
Welcome to The Engraving Forum
I am sincerely sorry for your problems,I know how difficult it must have been and how you feel and I wish you well and all the best for the future.The best part is you are moving forward now.
The little pistol is very nicely engraved.

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