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Default Kinky stuff

Christmas morning means not a thing to my dog. At 7:00 AM his built-in alarm clock goes off softly at first. If I ignore him the alarm goes into emergency mode and I am given no option but to quickly get up, dress, and take him for the usual morning stroll. So it was on December 25 that we were headed down the narrow street on our way to his preferred toilet area when I saw a metallic something wrapped in shiny black plastic laying in the gutter. It got my curiosity; Jack and I went over to inspect whatever it was. To my amazement it turned out to be a pair of chromium plated handcuffs knotted into a pair of black silk-stockings, along with a minni- minni skirt and brassier with a heavy Yale padlock intertwined into them. Jack informed me that he was not going to wait all morning so I snapped a photo and left this pile of kinky stuff where it lay. Then we continued his walk. Well I have to tell you that this really set my imagination into high gear. As we walked along I wondered. Who had thrown the outfit away? Was the person a man or a woman? Had some crime been committed or was it just kinky sex? Was the woman naked when the outfit was jettisoned out of a passing car window? Maybe, maybe not or maybe they were both nude and having a great time; who could tell? The only thing I knew for sure was that it was very cold that Christmas Eve .When we returned home the erotic discards were still there and I had come up with the idea of using as props in a future painting. Making sure no one was around to see me make an idiot of myself I scooped everything up, stuffed it into my jacket pocket and took it home. I took a more artistic photograph it for reference, then walked back to the spot where I found it and left it there where it still lays today January first.
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