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Default Re: The Titan has arrived !!

These are the old "Inside Frame Holders" that I use for holding Colt SAA's, Pythons and other such revolvers in the vise jaws. These are held by opening the vise jaws so they squeeze outwardly against the top and bottom of the cylinder opening. I've had them forever - they fit perfectly in the pre-drilled holes of my new Titan.
*see the inside holding jigs in the photo..

...and another thing; I always mark my block jaws with L and R. I take the jaws and lead screw out once a week to clean and remove all the cuttings that fall in the opening. I also sand and file with the parts in the vise and you don't want want hat stuff building up in the works!

You'll see my hand engraved L and R on the Titan...and maybe you can also see that the left boss of the lead screw is engraved with a small arrow pointing left. If you do that and you align the block with the manufacturer's marks at the bottom, you can easily reassemble after cleaning without getting the parts mixed up. I calculate that there may be 4 different ways you can align all these parts on reassembly, if one or more of them are placed incorrectly, the block won't work, or the threads work in reverse....I hate that !!
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