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Default Re: Lasercopy transfer

I've found that there's a window of time to remove the paper. Too wet and the image smears. Too dry and it re-adheres to the paper.

Letting it dry and then soaking off the paper sounds interesting.

I learned a similar trick many, many years ago I used to use to make little signs & plaques (now I can just engrave them).

Print your design with a laser printer, cover it with clear tape or clear contact paper (depending on the size). Soak this in slightly soapy water until the paper is thoroughly saturated. Gently rub the paper off of the tape and it will leave the image behind. Usually the tape still has enough adhesion you can then lay it down onto a subtrate to make a sign. This also works with the print in a glossy magazine - you can turn the pictures into what look like slides.

Hmmm... wonder if adding a couple of drops of dishwashing soap would help take the paper off of a transfer for engraving?

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