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Default Re: Angle the graver while cutting and depth of cut

Originally Posted by EdwardBinninger View Post
Hi Steve, thanks for constructing such an excellent instrument! When I first connected the classic palm control to my silent air compressor I could feel it passively idling in my hand -it reminded me of my Harley! It truly is a one of a kind amazingly constructed and engineered piece of equipment. The tiny engraving that you did on it keeps giving me inspiration.

My question is: When I watch you use the universal patented tip I notice that you slightly angle the graver to the left (even when making straight cuts). Is this the best way to cut with this graver or were you trying to get a different effect?

Second question: I understand that maintaining a constant depth of cut is a balance as you said like riding a bike.. so I understand the importance of uniform depth when cutting (unless a specific effect is desired) . However, as a new engraver, I am unsure how deep I should be engraving? My wife used to do some hand-engraving and she commented that my engraving appeared quite “deep”. To elaborate, when you guys are engraving lettering is it just barely scratching the surface? Or should there be an ideal depth of cut I am trying to achieve? If my initial cuts are too shallow, will the piece turn out ok if I go over the cut multiple times to increase the depth?

Thanks in advance! Ed
Well I'm not Steve but maybe I can answer some of your concerns, I had the same some time ago. However, I hope Steve responds to them and if I am wrong I will learn then. I think the graver tilt that you mention even in straight cuts is the shooting angle of the camera that Steve used to shoot the videos. The depth of the cuts can be whatever you want but normally they are not that deep, what happens is that in the videos the chips and cuts are huge, resulting from the zoom of cameras or microscopes in the case of trinoculars. Are you using any scope? If not, you may be suffering a bad move from your brain trying to cut as deep as you see in the videos that it really is not that deep. You can also do multiple passes until you reach the depth you want. I think there are some engravers that sell castings of their engravings, this can help you see the real depth that they use.
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