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Default Re: Inexpensive way to give it a try

Originally Posted by Steve Lindsay View Post
As a forum owner, myself, I should have known to check here, first. I just sent you a PM, Steve. I want to get a couple of those gravers, the template and sharpening system for those and also the chisel and hand push graver. I've got some old tools and have done more than a little struggling and know part of that is because as good as I am at sharpening knives, I'm not worth a damn at sharpening gravers.

I should probably state that most of what I have been trying to engrave has been annealed high carbon steel, which probably compounds matters a bit, but I have to assume a push graver will work fine with steel since I've had very limited success with it even with dull tools, poor technique and an overabundance of ignorance about engraving.

So could you point me to the items I would need to put together a very simple manual startup kit that includes the ability to resharpen the gravers properly? I'm thinking pre-sharpened gravers would be just the thing because then I'll know what they SHOULD cut like and will then know when I've got it wrong.