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Default Re: Mt01 BEAST Down!

Originally Posted by GeneC View Post
You must have had your cloak of invisibility turned on, does that turn on at a certain speed? I'm glad you are allright get it fixed and put it up for sale.
hoping they scrap it.. its 50/50 at this point, a fixed bike is not a new bike.. and nope.. not for sale..

Still love biking, have had a few stack, one seeing me in hospital for months with 2 years rehab on a crushed shoulder... i LOVE biking.. simple..

my mates that try talk me out of it usually get sat down to look at morbidity statistics.. I ask them to read from the top down..

#1 Heart disease caused by obesity
#2 Heart disease cause by eating disorders (how this is different from #1 im not sure..

anyway, we continue on to cancer from smoking, drinking etc..

depending on your country .. motorcycle deaths are VERY far down that list..

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