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Default Fun and destruction with the Bro in Law

My scottish BiL came over for a week to say hello and since he was passing through the USA he picked up my new Airgraver classic to save me postage and import dues.
In thanks I took him out to the bush with a couple of rifles and we shot some cabbages and a coconut. I know that sounds strange but if you have ever seen a snowflake cabbage hit with a .223 you'll understand. They turn to mush and explode in slo mo.
I had a target board too just to check sighting. I got the .35 Whelen out and put one shot at the target and it sailed over the top. So I set the scope lower and fired again and as I followed through I glimpsed some thing in the bush fall over.
We walked down and found a tree lying down 20m behind the target, one shot high the other low. It is nearly 8" in diameter and dense australian hardwood.
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