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Default Re: The Lindsay, or The GRS

Hy JT,

Had the pleasure and still have to work wit the gravermax.
Had the Lindsey palmcontrole for less then a wheek in my own workshop.
I lost a lot of sleep because of this machine! It does what I want.
The gravermax would probably do the same, but I would have to learn how to ajust the system to my preferences.

Thet Grs system is a great tool, but the Lindsay PC is so much more easy for me that I would go with the Lindsay anytime.

Today I did these negative monogram's. The fine lining's (shading) I could not have done with the Grs system. Must be easy with the right setting's but with the Lindsay it was just the stroke length adjustment.

(these are milimeters)
I love my Lindsay (does that sound ackward to you? Should it be Steve's Lindsay?) This machine neglect's my ignorance and make's me engrave!
Make's me neglect my wife to since last theursday whenn I got mine.
(I'll work on that though )

I've got the advise from stone setter's and engraver's. Thank you all, You where so right!


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