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Default New engraving beginner. In MD

I have been a painter for years. Specifically, airbrush and graphics for motorcycles etc. I also have worked a little with Cerakote! Really got into this because of a very old German Shotgun with deep relief engraving game scenes. The skill and artistry is amazing. Did some research and after watching hundreds of hours of video I pulled the trigger and bought a classic with foot control to see if I can add to my business repertoire! I chose the Lindsay because of the ability to use a CO2 tank if no compressor available. That way I can work in places that dragging a compressor would be no fun. (like a camper during family trips) If I am successful I plan to offer engraving of bike parts as well as firearms etc. I plan to learn a lot over the next few years from the many accomplished engravers who frequent this forum. Thanks for all of the tutorials. They are insightful and great benefit to the newbies like me. If anyone is near me drop a note. We can share a beverage and a chat or ideas.

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