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Default Re: Gold inlay script and block lettering on a custom rifle

Ha ha .... very funny David.

I'm happy that this was helpful to all.

Peter, Doug, Daniel ... many thanks guys.

Tom, You'll get a feel for this type of undercutting. There's always the possibility of undercutting/displacing too much which will distort the crisp, sharp edges of the letters. As long as the metal is lifted up rather than pushed to the side (under the scope), all is good. It kinda looks like crap until all of the stoning is completed. Of course, the deeper the letter, the less material will get raised. The little bit of raised material along the edges make scraping away excess gold super easy.

I also have a tendency to over-engineer this sort of inlay as these areas are typically exposed to shock and heat. But then again, a hunting rifle will probably see most of the rounds put through it at the range during sight-in and never reach the temperatures that a skeet shotgun will.

Jason ....duuuude ... those stones rock. It is I that owe you a huge thanks for all of your help.

Hi JR, letters and inlay of varied widths sure make it interesting. I should have taken more photos. The "C" in Cale's took three pieces. I suppose we can leave a little of the planning and blanks to be creatively filled by the new folks that would like to give this a try at home.

Chapi, I think some gold on a tat machine would be fantastic. Better wait for the price of gold to drop a little though. It's over $1015 bucks!!

Gail, I'll give you call. Many thanks.

Mike ... Maybe I'll do a short show and tell on some motorcycle engraving. There's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Got a primary cover here which is getting the works for a custom builder. My kind of customer too ... sparing no expense.

As promised, I took this photo of the stock in Steve's gun shop today. He's excited because he can finally blue this and assemble it. I'm looking forward to seeing how the stainless barrel turns out blued. Never seen that done before.

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