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I guess this early engraving was done when time didn't matter, much like all the hand laid stone walls in Pa. Stone by stone, line by line. This is a luxury of time to do this type of work.
I agree on this and again I go back to part of my oringinal post

I believe the people are too fast paced to slow down and do fine / detailed work. The world has quantity standards and not longer has quality stadards
this being said in general across the board

// (The lack of time to do a specific job will always show in the end finished product) Do we do bad work today? IMO no. but we do suffer in quality as to what we used to or could have done do to the lack of time forced by a demanding society to move at a faster pace. Just a thought but 25 years ago we really didn't care about the speed of our computer but rather the fact that we had them.
now we cannot survive without the fastest on the market. Aww I'm rambling now. I will say I beleive and it has been proven by many that the talent to do such ornate work is WITHOUT A DOUBT still out there. I also beleive we are begining to see the want by society to see and have that quality again and continue to wait for the scales to tip in that direction again. OK just rambling now but anyway this thread so far has been very interesting and hope it continues along for awhile. Charles, Puffer, Roger, Gravertom, and the others have brought some pictures of great work and info to all of us to share

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