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Default Sharpening the lindsay Point on a faceting machine


I signed up for the license agreement and had a great education in making one of these great points.

Thank you Mr. Lindsay.

Now I had to figure out how to cut it. I did look at the power hone and was not that impressed. Even the dual angle head on sheet metal just didn’t seem right for such a precision point.

I decided to use a Lapidary Faceting machine to cut this point.

After all they cut precision angles consistently with these.
They cost (USED) less than a full blown power hone system.
They can be found on craig’s list or your local lapidary club USED at great savings and usually have all the diamond flat laps you will need.

I picked up 3 a lee, graves and a ultra tec.

The lee is older but still can cut a good point. (used for years in commercal cutting) has a good est. cheater.
The graves is accurate to .1 degree. (Good stable modern machine with a .1degree cheater, more on that later)
The Ultra tec is the most accurate of the three and is used in faceting world for competition cutting. Accurate to tenths. (Pictured) There is only one other machine this accurate a Gem Master. More on machines at some other time.

I modified a starrett pin vise to fit the ultra tec (1/4 inch shank) and used a 96 index plate. (3.75 degrees each notch).

Faceting machines have what is called a cheater to split the 3.75 degrees on a 96 index plate) (roll) some with venire scales.

I am using the patent information for the 115 degree point here.

I think it worked like a charm.

Sorry some close ups are a bit out of focus. But you get the point.

These are the top facets

This is the secondary bottom relief angle

This is the Uniform primary relief angle

Business end of the 115 degree

Ultra tec faceting machine. Behind is a emsesco dental drill I use for setting stones I like it over a foredom since it is well articulated. The power stat is used with my foredom L motor (5000rpm) and a Magna graverII with varipac.

This is the fine roll dial also called a cheater to split the degrees of the main index gear used.

This is the loft pitch dial and is also adjustable in .1 degrees.

This is the mast of the ultra tec

Modified Starrett pin vise in dop of the utra tec

I did the major grinding on a 260 grit diamond lap, went to a 600 grit diamond, then to a 1200 diamond and finished the primary relief and face with a 3000 diamond with semi chrome no power.

The next points I will attempt will be the published ones in the patent agreement.

If all works out right (no doubt it will) I will make custom index plates for these points for the ultra tec machine.

Mr. Lindsay’s Sharpening system looks excellent for the points offered.

I will try to make the cuts for these points on the faceting machine. (new toy)

The Lindsay sharpening system would really be the way to go to sharpen these types of points while working at the bench.

The rough grinds at 260 and 600 really shapes the tool quickly and accurately on the faceting machine plus you may get to grind a gemstone or two.

Let me know what you think of the faceting machine grinder.

Mr. Linsday gave me permission to start a thread on sharpening these point on a faceting machine.

I would like to do it if there is interest.
If there is I will go step by step in grinding the points on a
Faceting machine and more.

This is just a quick FYI .but it really works great.

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