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Default Platinum Emerald Ring

This was very challenging project . ..The Columbian emerald was $80,000 value and as everybody know emeralds are more than fragile almost like potato chip . On top of that ; the micro -setting of diamonds around that baby . --There was no way to move the metal ( platinum ) over by most common method .. by hammering .
It took few days to figure out how to deal with it .. i decide to set it from below after all the micro setting and bride cuts was done . In order to assembly all the parts of the ring together with the emerald already set ( from below) ,safely secured with precisely prepared tight fit wire frame , Then few tongs was raised by rounded point graver to secure the wire frame itself .
Practically there was no risk of breakage .
All the parts of the ring were equip with "snap on "guiding pins and holes . it works just like LEGO blocks .
After all the parts has been engraved with that perfect " snap on " i put it all together and laser weld the ends of the pins .
It could be assembly by riveting method but ..i peak the second choice , "laser welder "since i love this new thing in jewelry shop .. almost as i love Palmcontrol Air Graver.

All the best ,

Stan Jarmolowicz

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