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Default Re: On-line old engraving books

Originally Posted by Elise
[b]Hey, this is my first post

Book found on googlebooks

Guide For Drawing The Acanthus
By J. Page

I did try to place a link here, but i have a NON-US IP adress it wont work i have a link thru a to see the full view that works for me but i can't copy this, non us-ip adresses must search with a proxy (see post from Vilts) US IP adresses search the above title in googlebooks.

I hope you like the book like i did,

Regards Elise
Hi Elise, Good Find!!
Here is a link.

For the non us-ip address people, I would interested to know if this second link will work. See if you can click here and download the pdf of the book. This is a direct link to the pdf file on google.
Steve Lindsay