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Default Re: Lasercopy transfer

I've done a similar type transfer onto metal, but using slightly different materials.

For the printing portion, rather than using vellum or parchment, I used the waxy paper that is under a set of laser printer labels(from a company like Avery). So print up your Christmas letter address labels (or insert holiday of choice here), and save the backing paper.

For getting the toner off the wax, buy a can of 3m Super 77 spray adhesive.

1. Print a reverse image of your artwork to the waxy paper.

2. Spray the metal plate with a layer of Super 77.

3. Put the wax paper with the toner side down (ha!) onto the metal plate, and burnish (still learning the engraving lingo, I think burnish is what I want. In other words, rub the backside of the paper so that you are pushing the toner onto the metal plate).

4. Slowly peel the wax paper off. Slowly, so that if you missed any area, you can put it back down and rub the back to transfer the toner.

Once your artwork is transferred, let it sit until the spray adhesive is no longer tacky, and your done.


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