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Default Lasercopy transfer

This has been told before at least a dozen times.
I just put some pictures to it.

What you need,
Laser copy or laser print. The toner is the magic in this!
Acetone (this was done with nailpolish remover) , brush, scissors, tape and metal sheet.

To use this method, be clean and quick. Do some tests before ! From moistening with nailpolishremover or acetone until revealing the transfer it only takes less then a minute. Work clean and fast.
For smaller transfers a cotton swab or cloth would work very good.
Do test the copier, I had a copier next door that worked a charm. It got replaced and did not work at all. Another copier worked better with denaturalized alcohol and wintergreenoil. Do do some testing!
As I said, its all been said before! So I only hope my picture's help a bit.

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