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Default Hello from Utah

Hello everyone I am really interested in leaning who to engrave as a hobby, now that my kids are getting a little older and I have a little more free time. I have been practicing sketching Filigree scrolls on sketch pads and feel I am about read to work on some brass and copper practice pieces. I do have a question. I am planning on testing the waters using push gravers to get started. Looking at Steve's website, I am thinking about buying the 116 degree universal template and holder along with 2 Carbalt blanks. My question is about the sharpening stones. I have a diamond 300/1000 grit plate for sharpening wood tools. I also have a 3000, 6000 grit water stone for sharpening knives. Would I be able to use these as long as I make sure they are the correct height off the work surface in order to get the proper angles for the Lindsay system? Thanks in advance!
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