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Default gun builder new to engraving

Hi all, I am new to engraving and have always wanted to learn how. Recently I made the plunge to find out how. Why I did this stemmed from a flintlock build that I just finished. A left hand jeager that turned out real nice. Somehow the gun just does not seem finished without some engraving. My tool and die background set me on a research path that led me to seek out a mentor who could set me on the right path of how and why. I contacted Carl Bleile in Cincinnati ohio as a mentor / professor. We set a time for two 8 hour days. I showed up and jumped right into the deep end with carl at my side. The following pictures speak for themselves. The first picture is as I started with carl barely able to cut a straight line. The second day and 16 hours later I completed the finished piece in roughly an hour. Hard for me to believe!

The following letter is a thank you that I recently sent to Carl. It os as follows:

Hi Carl, Thought I would drop you a note and let you know that I did contact Lindsay and got an order together while everything was fresh in my mind. Got everything needed to start working again. On my way home I had plenty of time to think about that last plate I did. I now understand that I need to think about staying to the edge of the line rather than following the line with the center of the graver. Plenty of practicing to follow that is for sure. I will not rest until I get those scrolls to look correct going from thick to thin gracefully.

One thing I have noticed is that my right forearm muscles are sore from turning the vise. You had warned me about that. Funny thing was that my eyes were tired but not blurry like they have been in the past while gunstock carving. This may be due to the surrounding light being too bright instead of just using the lamp light to work with as we did for two days.

Looking back 16 hrs. it is hard to believe that the progression for me was so great. Going from knowing nothing to a rather well rounded apprentice. I like that kind of learning......the front end loader approach. Feed me as much as I can handle. The end result for me is more than impressive. This is all due to a wonderful teacher/professor. Your knowledge, insight and ability to convey the engraving gamit saved me thousands of dollars, frustration, and time wasted trying to figure out this skill. I do not know why anyone in their right mind who would NOT want to study under you. Your patience and ability to read people and feed them at the correct rate is uncanny. I know this because I have taught my employees for many years in the tool and die industry.

I cannot thank you enough for what great school you provide. You are a wonderful person who is just common folk who wants to pass the trade along. I did not find you out of the ordinary or aloof but rather just another tool and die guy who I would respect in the trade. We trade guys do not beat around the bush.......we just tell it like it is. Maybe this is why I found you so easy to learn from.

Thank you again Carl for such a wonderful learning experience.

Forrest (Bud) Mohrman

In my opinion Carl is a very good person who wants to pass on the engraving tradition to those who seek it out. If you want to learn to (engrave) rather than (learning how to run an engraver) this is the man for the job. He covers the entire subject.

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