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Default Hello from Mesa, AZ, USA

Hello Everyone,

I haven't really done any hand engraving yet. Most of my engraving has been with a sandblaster. I've done a few knives and some Zippo lighters, but the majority of what I did was on glass.

I recently have had some health issues the may or may not being going away. Using the sandblaster has become too strenuous for me and I want to try my hand at scrimshaw. I ordered some pin vises and am waiting for some practice media. I am going to give some of those plastic dominoes a try and see how well they do. I've also got some faux ivory on the way.

I don't really consider myself an artist, but more of a craftsman. I am really good at following directions and adapting them as needed, but I rarely come up with my own designs.

I am looking forward to exploring the forums.

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