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[quote=charles starks] This leads me to an even greater belief in completely different separations of styles between different countries
Chas., IMHO, I agree, but I feel that while each country, had it's different styles" they were ADAPTATIONS of other countries influences.

I feel that the "UK" gives us a very good "periscope" into this line of reasoning.

In the "UK" we have basically 4 distinct countries/cultures. - Welsh, Irish, Highland Scot & British/Lowland Scot. For now I will not discuss the Welsh ( my sainted Welsh Grandmother, I hope will forgive me )
!. The British/Lowland Scot was primarily influenced by the French ( later by the Germans when they had a German King )
2. The Highland Scot, was influenced, by the Irish, Vikings, Etc, But developed their VERY OWN art style (clothing, Jewelry, weapons, even the Highland Scottish Bagpipe is their own adaptation. More later in another post :yesnod: )
3. The Irish., were most heavily influenced by the Vikings. ( weapons {swords & Daggers} & jewelry.
Here I am stepping out of my area of expertise ( as if I had one TWO of the most common "Irish Celtic" motifs are the thistle & the "Knot. But here are some examples of jewelry, I feel at least add weight to my statement.
This pic is of a Viking broach ( 9th-10th centry) - Thistle motif. The original was found in Sweden , but was common in Viking jewelry.

This pic is also of a Viking broach ( 8th-12th centry) "Knot" motif & the original was found in russia.Again a very common Viking motif

Here are 2 Irish Broaches dating from about the same time ( note these are accurate copies of originals)

Your thoughts ???

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