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Default Re: questions about the classic

Hi, Wouldn't matter how the graver is sharpened. Although the template sharpener is nice for fixing broken points, as it is fast and repeatable. Just keep the large template on the fixture and when a point breaks put the graver in the fixture and with a 2000 or 3000 diamond bench stone a few strokes on the face, turn over and do around one to three rubs on the two heels. The pre-sharpened carbalt graver that is sent along with the AirGraver handpieces is sharpened on the universal template $23. You can touch it up with a 2000 diamond bench stone $39. You would also need the sharpening fixture $66 but once you have that it fits all the other templates that around $23 each.

Links to the graver sharpening information:
Sharpener instruction page
Tim Wells made a video of the process.
Point info
Sharpener length gauge distances
Onglette Template
Using a drill press for sharpening hone
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