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Default New England-Massachusetts-Test drive?

Hello Engravers!

QUICK NOTE: Thank you for having this forum! It has been so valuable in all of my research thus far.

INTRODUCTION: My name is Brinn.
I would definitely be considered a "non-engraver" as I have little to no experience. Still, I am eager to learn.
What experience I have is limited and mostly based in metalsmithing and jewelry design working in silver. The ability to engrave custom designs and incorporate them into my pieces would be so unique and special. I have always had a fondness for drawing and printmaking so in some ways it only seems a natural fit to combine the mediums.
I recently saw a video featuring the Lindsay Airgraver and I've been absolutely enthralled since. I've been pouring over every bit of information I can get! The different manufacturing company's, who offers what, which graver models are best, what system uses what equipment, what books are useful, are there tutorials online, who offers lessons, where are classes offered and taught...etc,etc...
Before I make any big decisions and or hefty investments I feel it necessary to "try before I buy".
I'm very interested in the Lindsay-Palm Control however I would be open to learn on any model or brand.
I'm located in Massachusetts. I would be willing to travel out of state, more or less within New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island...)
Whether it's a demonstration and I get the chance of trying a few cuts at the end or if it's a full lesson I'm willing to work out/take any arrangements/offers made.
I ask on this forum in hopes that I can find someone a bit more "local" that way traveling wouldn't be as big of an expense.
In any case all help or guidance would be extremely appreciated no matter what the form.
Thank you all so much for your time and dedication to this art form.
Hope all is well.
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