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My thoughts are that fire arms engraving is in many ways a very traditional artisan tradition. The majority of the work that is bought and produced follows a formula. This was very common in all arts until the modern period. The less mainstream the art or artisan skill the longer that element of tradition tends to hold on, also the more of a commodity or every day item the more likely that the work will be conservatively traditional.

I would say that engraving is often seen as a holding utility. The idea of embellishing something that is already valued. Much the way materials used to make paintings and objects de arte in the Renaissance were seen. The majority of those consuming engraving as a commodity are accustom to this motif.

The tradition has a fairly common origin and due to the skill and time involved in the practice the need and the utility of innovation may be counter the market that allows the artisans of engraving to continue to work.

The areas of divergence/innovation in engraving appear to be coming from the self taught and those that have taken up engraving as an extension of other artistic traditions.

The amazing part about engraving is that though there is a tradition and a large amount of a particular style there is no reason to take this as wrote or as sacred. As long as you can design and cut it you can do it.

This is in some ways the story of modern art.
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