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Default Re: Anyone with Palmcontrol airgraver in Notts/Derby UK?

Originally Posted by SEngraver View Post
Good Afternoon Annie,
Very nice.Thats good creative work there everyone is different in the type of work they do.Thank you for the photographs .I can see your work can benefit with the p / c airgraver as you can cut more detail and fine designs on your work.
Keep us posted.
Hi SE,

I've been particularly looking at coin carving and I'm super impressed with some pin head carving I've seen too. I'd love to achieve this level of detail, but in my own style on my jewellery pieces .. (with a lot of practise and I wouldn't mind a fancy microscope too! )

I'm going to start with some real simple designs first and pretty sure I can achieve the results I'm looking for ... well I really hope so now my orders in : - ) hehe

I'll definitely post updates how I get on too : - )
Have a lovely day
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