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Default Re: Ray Cover templates sharpening tutorial

Now we move onto the Bright cut flat. This one has more steps than the others but it still isn't bad to make.

The pic on the above left shows the heel and the relief cut behind it. The middle shows a 3/4 view of the heel and one side. The pic above right shows the face and top of the graver. This is another "flat" graver made by turning the blank up on corner to achieve more clearance while cutting. The face is at 45 degrees. The heel is 15 degrees.

The above pic shows the face being ground using the long side of the template. Just like with the others I grind and polish the face first and then taper the sides to the desired width. I should mention here that it is just as important to keep these flat gravers symmetrical too. It doesn't have to be prefect but if the symmetry is off by much it will cause problems grinding the heel later.

Once the graver has a face and is tapered to width I will put the heel on it. Above you can see the short side of the template being used to grind the heel. This heel should go all the way across the width of the graver like on the background flat.... and then go a little further. See the first pic of the bright cut flat above. Note the heel goes all the way across the width and then is about a third mm back along the sides of the graver. If you stop this heel at the corner like we did with the background flat it doesn't have a lot of structural support and will break easily. You will notice the heel will be a HUGE triangle by time you get is that wide. That's OK, it is supposed to be at this point. we take care of that int eh next step.

The next step pictured above is to use the little taper template to grind a relief cut behind the heel. We use the curved side of the taper template for this. This relief cut will grind off the point on the triangle of the heel facet. The heel facet will shrink toward the face as you grind this relief cut. Grind the relief until the heel is only about 1/2 to 1 mm long.
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