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Default Re: MicroGraver Template Set for Sharpener

Looking at the micrograver sharpening templates, I have a couple of dumb questions as soon as I saw the gravers. The final graver diameters look to be about .040" to 1,5mm in thickness, and quite fragile concerning a length to diameter ratio. Unless you have a bomb disposal touch, I can envision many snapping at the point where the grind terminates at the 3/32" shank. Would it be prudent to grind the reduced length barely enough to clear the work, if rubbing of the handle or fingers isn't a problem? I am also guessing that you'd want to use as coarse as possible a disc, with a ginger touch, except for the semi and final grinds on the business end, and they also would need the most delicate of handling techniques. However, the templates seem like a nifty idea, and I couldn't see an easier way to obtain the grinds without using the templates Steve offers. Many sewing machine needles are heat treated, and nickel plated. Needles for leather and boatsail canvas are quite strong, but will flex. Until I'd try out these, it's seems that there'd be a learning curve involved. It's just my opinion.
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