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Default MicroGraver Template Set for Sharpener

I add this new little template set to the shopsite this evening. Thanks to Paolo for ideas and help with this!

This double thickness template set is similar to the "Narrower" template, however the square in this set is smaller. It is used to narrower the graver too, but so that it closer to parallel with the shank, so that the grind is more long and slender. After the square template is used, the round is used to round the top edge of the slender shank. After this the graver is sharpened normally with the other available templates to make micro versions of the graver points.

The wrench are setscrew are provided to replace the thumbscrew in the sharpening fixture. This is needed to be done before using these templates because they grind so low that the thumbscrew will be in the way if it is not removed. Simple remove the thumbscrew and install the setscrew with the supplied wrench. Of course, when you finish with shaping a graver shank with these templates you may reinstall the thumbscrew.

Steve Lindsay
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