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Default New templates for Carl Bleile's tool points !!!

Carl Bleile did a wonderful article in the last Fega newsletter about his sculpting technique; pictures of this technique can be seen in Carl’s photo album along with banknote style engraving.

This may seem to be a new method of sharpening but Carl says it’s been around for 100 years yet somehow has gotten lost in the new methods. These tools are efficient, cut aggressively, and need less sharpening than usual. They are strong enough for hammer and chisel, push, or the complete line of Lindsay power tools.

(1) banknote engraving for darker lines,
(2) scraping tool for removing tool marks, final contouring, also removes excess gold and shapes raised inlays after inlaying
(3) background removal tool with special side grinds to get around main area without nicking.
(4) medium to deep outline, removing background in tight areas, preparing for background removal and gold inlay.

Carl sent the chisels and scrapers he uses and we are designing templates for them. After Carl double checks them, I'll have the first batch of them made and available for purchase. He could then help with tips and tricks for using them. Here are close-up pictures of Carl's tool points.

Steve Lindsay
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