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Default Re: Which engraving equipment is best?

Correct me if I am wrong....but with the Lindsay AirGravers, specifically the PalmControl, is all that is needed is an air source, regulator and connecting parts?

No more bulky equipment with all those buttons and knobs??
Nothing else. I have a litle 23liter/minute compressor so silent that you can't hear it over the radio and thats the only thng that needs electrics. if i use my co2 cylinder I can engrave enywhere.
Only things you need to know is stroke length, air pressure and the idle adjust.
I love the palm control for most work but sometimes prefere the foot control but because I lend it out a lot have to do everything with the PC and that also works very well. The foot control I use most for stippling, hammering and pushing beads over stone's. For engraving I would not use it that much.

Having a gravemax at work I still bring my Lindsay to work every time
Simple choice for me
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