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Default Re: engraving equipment

I have both tools, I like each for different reasons.
If I could only choose one tool I would pick the tool with the Palm Control Handle (PCH). The PCH has the advantage of being portable, and it doesn't require as much air.
The additional advantage to using the PCH is you can engrave standing up, in some cases this is nessesary if you are working on a long piece. In fact it is the only tool that I know of that can be used standing up.

One more thing that I noticed right away when I got the PCH was the tool cuts right away when you set it down on the metal and push lightly.
With the foot controlled tool you don't engage the pedal right away as you put the graver to the surface, there is a second or two before you push down. Learning to use the foot pedal is no real problem, it's just like driving a car.
Both tools are the best tools you can buy, you know you have a tool that will do the job when you buy one.
Good luck
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